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Discover an enchanting escape high above the hustle and bustle of the city, a place where love soars on the wings of breathtaking views and fresh air. Le Moon Rooftop is not just a venue; it’s a destination for hearts seeking the magic of romance under the canopy of the sky.

A Symphony of Lights and Love

Nestled atop our prestigious location, Le Moon offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the meandering rivers, their surface glittering with the reflections of the city’s lights. It’s here, amidst the beauty of the night sky, that moments transform into memories that last a lifetime.
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For Moments That Deserve More


  • Young Love Rekindled: Whether you’re basking in the glow of new love or reigniting the flame of years past, Le Moon provides the perfect backdrop. Our cozy yet sophisticated setting makes every date feel like the first.
  • Anniversaries Under the Stars: Celebrate the milestones of your heart in a venue as timeless as your love. Toast to another year together with the city lights twinkling below and the stars shining above.
  • Proposals with a View: When you’re ready to ask the most important question of your life, nothing less than the awe-inspiring vista of Le Moon will do. With the skyline bearing witness, your new chapter begins on a note of sheer perfection.

Experience Culinary Delights


Our curated menu of gourmet cuisine and exquisite beverages complements the romantic ambiance. Savor the flavors of meticulously prepared dishes and toast to love with our signature cocktails and fine wines. At Le Moon, every bite is a part of the story you’re creating together.


The Breath of Fresh Air Your Love Story Needs


Le Moon isn’t just about the view—it’s about the atmosphere. The gentle breeze, the open sky, and the serene environment offer a refreshing retreat from the ordinary. It’s a place where love can breathe, grow, and flourish.


Make It Unforgettable at Le Moon


Whether you’re whispering sweet nothings over a candle-lit dinner or locking eyes across a table set against the backdrop of the city’s silhouette, Le Moon Rooftop is dedicated to making your romantic moments truly unforgettable.


Book Your Romantic Escape Today


Ready to create unforgettable memories? Visit Le Moon Rooftop, where every detail is designed with love in mind. Contact us now to reserve your spot in the sky.


Elevate your love story at Le Moon—because your most romantic moments deserve an equally breathtaking setting.