The best rooftop lounges and sky bars on riverside

The capital city of Phnom Penh is now home a many Sky bars or Rooftop Lounges. One of the main reason these bars are very popular among locals and expats alike, resides in the fact that street-level bars are usually restless and noisy. There are no pedestrian-only quarters in the city, hence you are most likely to be enjoying your drink in a heavy traffic street. Whereas on the rooftop, you will enjoy a more relaxing environment and also better fresh air. This is the reason why riverside sky bars are also preferred to their city counter-part. The 2 rivers (Mekong and Tonle Sap) and the fact that nothing blocks the airflow, makes the riverside rooftop more refreshing.

There are now quite a few options. Le Moon was the very first rooftop in the city.  Probably the most spacious rooftop in the list. Also the one with the best view span, as it goes from the Wat Ounalom Pagoda all the way to the Japanese Bridge.  

le moon rooftop

The oldest and most popular rooftop bar in the city. Nested on the top of the Amanjaya Suites Hotel and the famous Khmer restaurant : Sombok

Paragon hotel

Paragon is an old hotel for budget-conscious travelers. The rooftop was a later extension.

5 Drunk man

Sitting across the street from Le Moon and behind Rukkha, this bar with an open view (not really a rooftop) was a destination for back-packers mostly. Affordable beverages in a young atmosphere.

The Quay skybar

The quay was a very trendy hotel for the comfortable young travelers. The rooftop is modern and well designed.

Touk Skybar

Not really a skybar either. The whole block is one bar with 4 levels, with a great open-view. Beverages are affordable and food is decent.

Rukhak skybar

The lastest addition to the list. Facing Le Moon Rooftop, this bar is the new trendy spot to be seen at. Not very spacey but well arranged. Service, cocktails and food are very good. Price too.

Panorama Mekong

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Pooltop Sky Bar

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River Crown Skybar

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